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Hello, friends! Welcome to my new home! I hope you enjoy your stay. This site is an evolving project, so I hope you will visit often in order not to miss anything new.

My name is Kylee Maloney and I am a folk singer from Wellington, New Zealand. Some of the material on this site comes from the album "First Light", which was released in New Zealand on 7 April 1998. As such, it is copyright and I wish to thank Gray Bartlett and Greg O'Donnell of Frontier Records for permission to share it with you.

The Crow on the Cradle is a Sidney Carter song which gives a timely warning about the horrors of war. In many cultures, the crow is a sign of foreboding. A bleak beginning, I realise, but the song has proved popular when performed, so I hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

Kylee Maloney walking along

Some of my songs (mp3 files):
Crow and the Cradle
(approx 3.5 MB)

Loving Hannah
(approx 3.3 MB)

A Christmas treat:
Santa Baby [written by J. Javits and P. Springer]
(approx 3.1 MB)

Links to some of my friends:

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